Saint Phocas Garden at Saint Titus is a shared project with Saint Luke’s, and part of the Good News Gardens Movement of the Episcopal Church.  If you would like to receive their newsletters and/or start a Good News Garden of your own at home or with others, please visit the Good News Gardens website for more information.     

This month we staked our tomatoes with tomato cages provided by Carla Knip.  We harvested the last of the peas.  The blueberry bushes that we planted in honor of Jeffrey Hammond are producing fat berries even though this is their first year.  There have been 3 or 4 berries to savor each week so far and they are delicious!  We hope that Jeffrey picked a few for himself before he left and will help himself if he comes back to visit in June next year.  

Because the weather is now much warmer, we are meeting at 9 AM on Fridays during what remains of the morning cool.  

We are discussing the possibility of installing native pollinator plants somewhere within the bounds of Delaney Park in order to attract more pollinators.  We have noticed that there are almost no pollinators at all visiting the garden.  It would be nice to give them more reasons to come.

We would like to celebrate the Feast of Saint Phocas on Sunday, July 24 immediately after the 10:00 service by gathering for a blessing of the garden followed by tomato sandwiches made with our very own tomatoes.   We have not confirmed this possibility with Reverend Alexis, so please watch the St. Titus bulletin to see if it will actually be happening. 

Father we pray that you bless the soil, the hands that work it, the food it grows and the people it feeds.  Let the small act of growing food ripple out to bring greater love and health into the world.


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