“O God, the King of saints, we praise and glorify your holy Name for all your servants who have finished their course in your faith and fear:…and we pray that, encouraged by their examples, aided by their prayers, and strengthened by their fellowship, we also may be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light…Amen.”

Book of Common Prayer, p. 504

Memorial Gifts are special donations given to St Luke’s with praise and thanksgiving to God and in the memory of the faithful departed.  Many of the beautiful appointments you see during worship services, such as vestments, altar hangings, candelabras, and communion vessels, are memorials to loved ones who have touched our lives and whose legacy continues to inspire us. Memorials gifts may also be used to fund special purchases such as Godly Play materials, to hire a brass ensemble at Easter, or to benefit the continuing education of our staff members.Memorial gifts may be designated either to the St Luke’s Memorial Fund or the Heritage Fund. It is possible for an individual or the family of the deceased to work with the appropriate committees to plan a designated gift.While it is ultimately the Rector and the Vestry who determine what memorials are placed in the Church, or expended for the mission of the Church, the wishes of the deceased or the family of the deceased are given the utmost consideration.

Donors and St. Cecilia Choir members holding chimes presented as a memorial gift.

Our Latest Memorial Gift

On May 6 we dedicated a beautiful set of Malmark choir chimes which were given to St. Luke’s children’s music program in memory of Camille Marlowe. Children’s education was deeply important to Camille, who also spent many years assisting with St. Luke’s Youth Choir. The chimes have a lovely sound, are sturdier and less fragile than handbells, and are easier for small hands to play. We will be able to use these chimes in our music at St. Luke’s, particularly when children are participating in music during a service. Because they are also a wonderful teaching aid, they will be useful in children’s choir rehearsals and music classes. With proper care, the choir chimes will last for many years and will be a beautiful and enduring way for us to remember Camille.