Activities of the St. Cecilia Choir are currently suspended due to COVID 19 until further notice.

St. Luke’s is affiliated with the Royal School of Church Music. RSCM has its origin in the church choral tradition of England, and is widely known for its strong format which focuses not only on musical education, but also frames music in the important context of liturgy and Christian formation. The St. Cecilia Choir is RSCM-based and uses the Voice for Life curriculum, which is based upon the modules of vocal training, music theory, sight-reading, musical repertoire, and choir in the context of parish and community. Voice for Life is based on expanding skills, understanding, and exposure to excellence, whereby the children earn medals with different colored ribbons as they progress through each of the five increasingly advanced levels. We have recently added a substantial emphasis on ear training and basic piano keyboard orientation. The choir learns choral music from many eras of church music by composers such as Bach, Mozart, Vierne, and Fauré. Rehearsals are each Sunday morning from 11:15-noon. The choir sings about once a month in the Sunday morning liturgies. All children in grades 3 and above are invited.

As the children earn their colored ribbons, the most exciting one is the first one, the white ribbon. At this stage, Kaye also presents the child with a white cotta to be worn with the choir vestments. 

For children’s music offerings for other age groups, see our Arts and Faith and Musikgarten pages.