Every Member Canvas (ECM)

undefinedEvery fall, St Luke’s conducts the Every Member Canvass. Like any household, it probably comes as no surprise to you that St. Luke’s prepares an annual operating budget, anticipating what kinds of resources are needed to serve the mission of the church. People who are participating in the life of the parish are asked to make a financial commitment (i.e., a pledge) to the coming year’s budget. Our pledges provide the Finance Committee and the Vestry with a way of anticipating our gifts to St. Luke’s in the coming year. After all pledge cards have been turned in, our Finance Committee prepares a budget for the upcoming year and presents it to the Vestry for its approval.

Pledges can be paid in any number of ways. Some folks ask for special envelopes to put in the offering plates on Sunday mornings. Others send in their pledge payments on a schedule that fits with their other commitments. Some people pay their pledge at the beginning the year, some at the end. We’ve even had people pay a pledge a year in advance!

To access ACS to pay your pledge online, click here

Campaign for 2020 – Help! Thanks! Wow!

Welcome to St. Luke’s Every Member Canvass 2020, “Help, Thanks, Wow.” This year’s theme is based on Anne Lamott’s book Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers (New York: Penguin Group, 2012). We are excited to explore this theme as a parish by delving into what it means for both prayer and stewardship.

In prayer we say:
HELP, God!  These situations and people need your presence.
THANKS, God! For these comforts and blessings.
WOW, God! Your manifestations in our lives are beautiful, incredible, awe inspiring, and more.

In regards to stewardship, we invite you to:
Join together to HELP us build a strong St. Luke’s.
Accept our THANKS for all you do for St. Luke’s and for God’s world.
Experience the WOW and look at what we can do together as a parish!

Details of the campaign are available in a letter that was sent to all members of the congregation.