The lay leadership of St. Luke’s includes the vestry, the parish officers (senior warden, junior warden, and treasurer), and the leaders of all the many programs, activities, and committees.

The vestry meets on the third Monday of each month, and meetings are open to all St. Luke’s members.


  • Jeff Dawson, Senior Warden
  • E. June Santa, Junior Warden


  • Julia Hoyle, Treasurer
  • Bill Mahony, Clerk

 Vestry Members

  • Class of 2023: Beth Bonner, Mike Henry, Alan Schueler, Lera Williams
  • Class of 2024: Jeff Dawson, Bob King, E. June Santa, Babs Wise
  • Class of 2025: Patty Michaels, Joan Hodges, Donald Hamm,​and Bill Gutknecht.

The clergy and vestry are always ready to hear any questions or concerns you may have. Contact information may be found in your parish directory or on the ChurchLife app.