Throughout 2022, the garden has been a thriving learning experience for our team. We are problem solvers! Read in Recent Newsletters about all we have harvested in both knowledge and produce. We also have a blog which chronicled the garden activity from May, 2021 through November, 2022.

The regulars left to right:  NCCU volunteer, Sarah Woodard, Pam Howard, Carla Knip, Greg Jacobs,  Mary Hawkins, with Mary Beth Berkley at the center.

The crew#2 left to right:  Carla Knip, Philip Zoutendam, Jeffrey Hammond, Greg Jacobs, Mary Beth Berkley, Pam Howard
The crew#1 left to right:  Greg Jacobs, Carla Knip, Mary Beth Berkley, Pam Howard, Sarah Woodard, with Jeffry Hammond in the foreground