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If you are looking for our 10am Sunday worship service, visit our Facebook page. After the service, the video will remain available for later viewing. Currently this video service is virtual Eucharist only, with music. The sermon follows in a separate video. Those videos are uploaded to our YouTube channel later each Sunday. Our sermon blog posts (see below) usually include the link to the video as well.

Sermon Blog Posts from May 2020 to present (reverse order)

Three Stories of the Bread of Life during Pandemic | August 8, 2021

Rev. Dr. Helen Svoboda-Barber We’re still in the midst of the Bread of Life section of John’s Gospel.  This morning, I would like to share with you three stories about the change in my relationship with the Bread of Life during this pandemic.   Act 1 Early Pandemic.  March 2020.  The shutdown happened quickly.  We here … Continue reading Three Stories of the Bread of Life during Pandemic | August 8, 2021

Devotional on Ephesians | July 25, 2021

By St. Luke’s Intern Daniel LaVenture Since Dan has been recovering this week from pneumonia, there is no text available for the sermon. Please watch the video below to hear Dan’s devotional on today’s reading from Ephesians 3:14-21.

Are we like John the Baptist or like King Herod? | July 11, 2021

by Rev. Laura Thornton I have been living with, praying about and mulling over these texts for the last several weeks wondering like I imagine you are this morning….how in the world do you preach about the beheading of John!?!? I thought maybe I can just go with the new testament reading or the old … Continue reading Are we like John the Baptist or like King Herod? | July 11, 2021

A Sermon | June 20, 2021

by the Rev’d Jim Craven As the curtain goes up on the book of Job, we encounter an unusual group, maybe not so unusual when this ancient folktale began being told around the communal campfires 4000 years ago, or when it was written down in Hebrew about the time of David and Solomon close to … Continue reading A Sermon | June 20, 2021

The Trinity of Love | May 30, 2021

Rev. Dr. Helen Svoboda-Barber My seminary experience was full of learning and possibilities and tools.  I only remember two or three admonitions to avoid some things, and I’m failing at avoiding everything I’ve been told to avoid.   Our Pastoral Studies Professor Charlie Cook repeatedly told us, “Don’t poll the congregation.  Just don’t poll the congregation.”  … Continue reading The Trinity of Love | May 30, 2021

Get Ready for the Spirit to Show Up | May 23, 2021 – Pentecost

Rev. Dr. Helen Svoboda-Barber Today is Pentecost.  It feels odd not to be gathering in person to celebrate Pentecost for a second year in a row.  And yet, when we really think about it, this is not a bad way to celebrate Pentecost.  For the past 14 months, we’ve been living similar to how the disciples … Continue reading Get Ready for the Spirit to Show Up | May 23, 2021 – Pentecost

Jesus Cleansing the Temple | March 7, 2021

By Rev. Laura Thornton Jesus does not just lash out at corruption, he pushes against the larger system of religious structure in the temple. He brings the whole thing to a stand still “Take these things out of here! Stop making my Father’s house a marketplace!”

Economics and Freedom

The parable of the workers in the vineyard calls us to re-evaluate our owneconomy, to value people over productivity. Matthew 20: 1-16 By Sam Laurent, PhD Let’s talk economics, old school. The Greek word oikos, which means“house” or “home” is the root word for our English word “economy.” We getit by way of the Greek … Continue reading Economics and Freedom

Love One: An Other

We are waking to many societal inequities. We can heal ourselves and our community by investing in prayer, study and action.

Words of Faith | August 16, 2020

Our words matter! We hear this in today’s reading from Matthew. Here we find Jesus teaching that words can defile the body. He tells us that it is not what goes
into the mouth that matters, but instead what comes out. Our Christian journey calls for us to break free of the stories we have been told about our place, our power, and our privilege.

The Miracle of Sufficiency | August 2, 2020

Remember the mustard seed from last week, or better yet, the yeast that leavens bread. Unseeably small granules that as a collective breathe out and inflate loaves of bread. This is literal inspiration, the blowing-in of life from the tiniest corners of the creation. Jesus, one person amidst the crowds, is building the kingdom of God one person at a time.

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