In 2015, with guidance from Riedel & Associates of Milwaukee, St. Luke’s embarked on the Worship Enhancement Project, a major program to enhance its worship environment through acoustical improvements and the acquisition of an organ appropriate to the space.  In June, 2016, an outstanding 1990 Moller pipe organ located by organ consultant Scott Riedel was acquired from Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church in Naples, Florida, renovated, and relocated to St. Luke’s.

The organ was built in 1990 by M. P. Moller of Hagerstown, Maryland, and originally installed at the church in Naples. It was removed as part of a major church renovation, fully refurbished, and relocated to St. Luke’s by organ builder P. J. Swartz of Eatonton, Georgia. 

St. Luke’s gifted its previous pipe organ, a small two-manual Holtkamp, to Grace Episcopal Church in Clayton, North Carolina, where it is used as part of a growing music program.

On October 17, 2017, St. Luke’s celebrated the completion of the Worship Enhancement Project with a New Acoustics and Organ Dedication featuring renowned organist David Arcus along with the St. Luke’s choirs. Bishop Anne Hodges-Copple spoke to a full church at this glorious event.

The Moller organ is a three-manual instrument with 34 ranks of pipes in the four divisions of Great, Swell, Positiv, and Pedal.  Following are lists of the different ranks of pipes in each of the four divisions; the name of each rank reflects the nature of the sound it makes.

GREAT unenclosedSWELL expressivePOSITIV unenclosed
16’ Bourdon8’ Rohrflöte8’ Holz Gedeckt
8’ Principal8’ Viola8’ Erzahler
8’ Holhflöte8’ Viola Celeste4’ Spitzflöte
4’ Octave4’ Prestant2’ Principal
4’ Koppel Flöte2’ Blockflöte2’ Principal
2’ Super OctaveIII-IV Plein Jeu1 1/3 Quint
IV MixtureII CornetIII Scharf
8’ Trompette8’ Hautbois8’ Dulzian
8’ Festival Trumpet (enclosed in swell box)Tremulant8’ Festival Trumpet (enclosed in swell box)
32’ Unter SatzIntramanual
16’ PrincipalGreat to Pedal 8’
16’ BourdonSwell to Pedal 8’
8’ OctaveSwell to Pedal 4’
8’ FlötePositiv to Pedal 8’
4’ Choral Bass 
III MixtureSwell to Great 16’
16’ PosauneSwell to Great 8’
8’ TrompetteSwell to Great 4’
4’ Klarine 
 Positiv to Great 16’
 Positiv to Great 8’
 Swell to Positiv 8’
 Swell to Swell 16’
 Swell to Swell 4’
 Positiv to Positiv 16’
 Peterson 32-level combination action