Would you like to be able to read or hear a sermon that was given on a day when you had to miss church, or even re-read or listen to one you heard from the pulpit? Or do you need to partake of the service remotely?

On this web site: Access the Past Sermons page (it’s listed under the Worship item in the main menu). That page links to audio recordings of sermons, and a list of sermon blog posts if you want to read text, or watch a video recording (some on Facebook, some on YouTube).

Facebook: If you are staying home from church, most of the services are now livestreamed via our Facebook page for real-time viewing and listening. (Services that were streamed previously are archived there as well, under Videos.) Go to https://www.facebook.com/stlukesdurham at 10am on Sunday, and if the service is being streamed that day, it will show that there is a live video in progress. You may watch even if you don’t have a Facebook account, although a banner asking you to sign in or create an account will remain at the bottom of the screen.

YouTube: Our worship services can now be seen on St. Luke’s YouTube channel, St. Luke’s Durham Worship and Music. It contains videos of our Sunday morning worship, some St. Luke’s music videos, and past sermons. Most services are available for viewing on Sundays at 8am and can be seen anytime thereafter.  Be sure and subscribe and “like” (thumbs up) the channel or individual videos, and feel free to leave comments.