While St. Luke’s is closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the office is open limited hours per week to process checks received in the mail. If you’re currently mailing your pledge payments to St. Luke’s, it would reduce the burden on the Treasurer and Parish Administrator for you to switch to one of the electronic methods listed below. 

Pushing Your Pledge Payments to St. Luke’s from Your Bank or Credit Union

Just as you “push” payments for regular bills from your checking account at your bank or credit union, you can set up regular payments for your St. Luke’s pledge in the same way.

Just enter St. Luke’s name, address, and phone number – St. Luke’s Episcopal Church / 1737 Hillandale Road / Durham, NC 27705-3045 / 919-286-2273 – choose an amount, and choose a frequency for the payments. Since everything is configured in your own checking account, it’s easy to make changes later if you need to. When you use this option, St. Luke’s gets the benefit of regular payments with a $0 transaction fee. 

Configuring Your Pledge Payments through ACS

It’s easy to configure your account in ACS to make regular pledge payments.

  1. Log into ACS;
  2. Choose the Give Online option under the Giving tab;
  3. Specify an amount, a fund (General/Pledge for paying your pledge), a frequency, a start date, and (if you haven’t already configured it) an account from which the funds will be drawn.

Once you have an account configured here, it’s easy to go into this page and make one-time (or repeating) donations to other funds: the Rector’s discretionary fund, the roof fund, a mission trip, Belize pecans, etc. There is a fee associated with payments made through ACS. The fee is smaller when the payment is coming from a bank account, larger when the source is a credit card. 

Give Now to St. Luke’s through PayPal

Use either the button or the QR code to make a donation to St. Luke’s through PayPal. For charitable transactions, PayPal calculates its fees as 1.99% + $0.49. So you might consider rounding up your donation to cover this transaction fee. For a $50 donation, the transaction fee would be $1.00 + $0.49 = $1.49. 

Give Now to St. Luke’s “Old School”

You may always write a check and mail it to St. Luke’s. Make the check payable to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, and mail it to us at 1737 Hillandale Road, Durham, NC 27705-3045. You may indicate on the check which specific fund the money is for. 

Give to St. Luke’s Whenever You Shop on amazon.com

Amazon Smile is a program where Amazon donates 0.5% of all eligible purchases to a charity of your choice. If you visit https://smile.amazon.com/ using this link, your shopping cart will be configured with St. Luke’s as the charity receiving the donation. When you return to https://smile.amazon.com/ later, your cart should still be configured to pay St. Luke’s. But it doesn’t hurt to check.