General information:

  • When is the service held and what is it like? Go to Sunday Morning Worship for an outline of the service and a link to the bulletin for the upcoming service. See “What to expect…” below for notes about the style of worship.
  • Is there a place for my young child to be while I attend the service? Your child/ren are welcome to either attend the service with you, or we have a nursery for infants through 5 year olds. See an usher for directions.
  • Current St. Luke’s public health guidance is printed on the front of each Sunday bulletin (see the Sunday Morning Worship page for bulletins.)
  • What to wear? There is no recommended style. People attending our services may wear anything from casual to dressy. Come as you are and as you are comfortable!
  • For directions to St. Luke’s, see the map at the bottom of any page on this site.
  • Once you are here, parking is readily available around and behind the buildings, with spots specifically marked for visitors who wish to use one.
  • Information about key features of the buildings may be found here.
  • Once inside the foyer, you will be met by either a host or an usher. Your host can introduce you to others and provide a guide to important facilities. An usher will provide you with a bulletin and help you find a seat if you require assistance.

What to expect during the service:

  • The service begins with a hymn and a procession during which it is customary to stand.
  • You can follow the entire service in your bulletin. For hymns, use the large blue hymnal in your seat.
  • If you need one, a limited number of large print bulletins and large print hymn sheets are available from the ushers.
  • The bulletin also contains the assigned readings, gospel and psalm for the day as well as general instructions for the service.
  • There are places in the service where the congregation may sit or be asked to stand/kneel. You may always stay seated if you are unable to do either. Kneeling versus standing is an individual choice.
  • An offertory plate or basket will be passed during the service to collect voluntary financial offerings. You may want to bring a personal hand sanitizer for use after passing the plate and before communion.
  • At communion, referred to in the bulletin as Sharing of the Bread and Wine, the ushers will indicate when and how to go forward.
  • If you wish to receive, but cannot go forward, inform the usher. Communion will be brought to you. If you do not wish to receive, remain seated and motion to others to pass you as they exit the seat row. To receive a prayer for healing in lieu of communion, see below.
  • Baptized individuals from any denomination may receive communion. Others may go forward to receive a blessing. Follow the usher’s direction and either stand or kneel at the altar rail.
  • For a blessing only, cross your arms across your chest.
  • To receive only the bread, hold your hands as if in prayer and wait until the bread is given to you. Note that you can ask the priest or lay minister for a gluten free option.
  • To receive both the bread and wine, cup your hands together and the priest will dip (intinct) the bread in the wine and drop it into your hands.
  • Baptized children may receive a blessing or communion at the discretion of the adult accompanying them. 
  • If you wish to receive a prayer for healing, proceed to the small chapel to the left of the organ (behind the raised pulpit) either after receiving communion, or directly from your seat if you are not taking communion.

After the service:

  • If you want to leave contact information, use one of the cards at the back of the seats or fill in our online form.
  • Introduce yourself to the clergy; as Priest Associate Jim Craven says, “We really don’t bite!” Meet them virtually on our Clergy and Staff page.
  • Your host or any member of the congregation would love to provide further information, including how to find the coffee hour.
  • Socialize inside or out as you feel comfortable.

If you would like to join our email list (average 2 emails per week), find the link on the home page.

If you wish to donate, you may leave checks or cash in the plate at the back of the nave, or use PayPal.