O merciful Creator, whose hand is open wide to satisfy the needs of every living creature: make us ever thankful for thy loving providence; and grant that we, remembering the account that we must one day give, may be faithful stewards of thy bounty.


Most non-profit organizations depend on annual giving to meet their annual operating costs.  St. Luke’s continues to need and request support in the form of pledges to the annual operating budget.  Beyond these very important annual giving contributions, many people are excited to learn there are additional and creative ways to support and strengthen St. Luke’s mission to “love and praise God, love others in the name of Christ and provide Christian nurture for our congregation.”  (St. Luke’s Mission Statement, Parish Handbook)  Did you know that some of these additional types of gifts can also create additional benefits for you and your family?  There are a variety of ways to give that can last beyond our lifetimes, through what is commonly known as a “planned gift.”

While planned gifts usually involve financial or estate planning, they are not reserved just for the wealthy or for those in their “retirement years.”  A planned gift can be accomplished with a simple “change of beneficiary” form . . . even a 22-year-old beginning a first job can designate a small percentage of his or her 401K to go to a named charitable beneficiary!  Sometimes, planned gifts enable a donor to provide a more secure income for family members or themselves; and they often help reduce income or estate taxes as well.

The St. Luke’s Treasurer, or Rector, are happy to answer any questions or to provide you with more information about St. Luke’s gift policies.  Our Parish Coordinator can provide you their contact information.  Consult your personal financial, legal, and/or tax advisors about taking the most appropriate actions for your goals and circumstances.