In the current absence of a choir at St. Luke’s due to COVID restrictions, we have decided to start a handbell choir. Fortunately, St. Luke’s owns two octaves of Schulmerich handbells that were donated by Dot Borden some years ago. So we are dusting them off, polishing them up, donning protective gloves, and getting ready to ring. If you are familiar with handbells (or even if they are new to you), and you read music, consider joining us. We will be rehearsing on Wednesday evenings at 7 and playing on some Sunday mornings at the 9:30 worship service at St. Luke’s.

If you are interested in handbells but don’t consider yourself proficient at reading music, please reach out anyway. If there is enough interest, we would like to start another handbell group to learn pieces and also to build music-reading skills.

So for now, we will RING a new song unto the Lord!

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