This past year has been a year like no other in our lives.  We all have changed our lives in massive ways.  And now, as the vaccine rollouts are moving so quickly, we can see and end to these terrible days.

What we are moving into is not simply the way things use to be, or into an unencumbered normal.This year is a year of both/and.

Even after you get your vaccine, it is still important to keep wearing your mask in public.  When we regather as a church, masks will still be required.  When you’re out an about, keep on wearing that mask.  Partly because it might help keep others and you just a little bit more safe — but also as a model for others.  “Let’s all keep wearing our masks so that humanity can recover more quickly from the ravages of COVID.”

This is also going to be a year of both/and for clergy and church staff.  It was hard — really, really hard — for clergy and church staff to pivot as quickly as we did last year to doing all our ministry at a distance.  

This year may be even more difficult.  And we’re moving into this season exhausted.  Later this season, we will need to be able to minister both online and in person.  We will be expected to do more than is possible.  

I ask for your understanding.  I ask for your help in making ministry happen.  And I also ask for your solidarity for clergy and church staff.  

Each time you put on a mask after you have been vaccinated, I invite you to do it with an added intention.  Include a prayer for clergy and church staff and teachers and all the others who will need to work both/and this season.  Every time you put on a mask so that you will have the protection of both vaccine and mask, say a prayer for strength and clarity for me and Kaye and all those who are doing what they can to provide both/and options at churches, schools and other places of work and ministry. 


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