On a recent hike, I noticed so many root systems that were above ground.  I saw how one tree’s roots were interconnected with another’s and how they all worked together to create stability of the forest floor.  

These roots offer a metaphor for us right now.  I imagine the roots of a tree as our church staff.  In pre-COVID times, we expected the staff to support our in-person church programming, just like we expect roots to support a tree.  

Church staff members both at St. Luke’s and around the world are working on understanding their role and call during the midst of this pandemic when we are not gathering in person.  I’ve gone from weekly brief exchanges with over 150 of you to talking with just a couple dozen each week now.  Our staff is incredibly busy working with technology to provide meaningful content for our congregation, and trying to find new ways to connect and support.  During this time, our connections are different, and the staff’s role is different.  

On my hike, I realized that roots are just as important to the stability of the forest floor as they are to the stability of the trees.  As I think about COVID-time, I imagine our congregation not as the tree, but as the ground.  I think about our church staff as the roots that prevent erosion.  We as church staff will do what we can to keep ourselves strong and healthy, and we will provide support for you, when you need it and when you are ready.  If you need to, you can rest knowing we’re here for support.  When you feel like it’s all too much and you might be slipping away, know that we are here for you to reach out to and grab onto.  

Roots don’t just hold up the tree.  They connect and support the forest floor.  Staff doesn’t just produce programs.  We connect and support each person at St. Luke’s. Know that we are here for you. Know that you are not alone.

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