Congratulations to St. Luke’s newest vestry members, the Class of 2025: Patty Michaels, Joan Hodges, Donald Hamm,​and Bill Gutknecht.​​These 4 will be joining our current members: Class of 2023: Mike Henry, Lera Williams, Alan Schueler, Beth BonnerClass of 2024: Bob King, Jeff Dawson, June Santa, Babs Wise

Each year, St. Luke’s members elect four new representatives, each for a three-year term, for a total of twelve members on the vestry, the parish’s governing board that is responsible for overseeing the property and finances of the parish and, together with the rector, for providing vision, direction, and leadership.

The vestry generally meets on the third Monday of each month, and meetings are open to all St. Luke’s members. The new Senior Warden, who is appointed by the rector, and the new junior warden, who is elected by the other vestry members, will be announced following the vestry’s December meeting. We thank Lisa D’Amico and June Santa for their faithful leadership in 2022 as Senior Warden and Junior Warden, respectively.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Bob Buchanan and Hetty Kaiserlik for also standing for election. We truly appreciate their willingness to serve in this way.

We also thank all those members who returned their ballots via mail or by voting in person.

More information about the currently serving vestry is always available on the St. Luke’s Vestry page.

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