Saint Phocas Garden at Saint Titus is a shared project with Saint Luke’s, and part of the Good News Gardens Movement of the Episcopal Church.  If you would like to receive their newsletters and/or start a Good News Garden of your own at home or with others, please visit the Good News Gardens website for more information.     

This summer, David Ross provided us with pumpkin and zucchini seeds late in the season and we also planted cucumbers and green beans.  We’ve had a little trouble with getting the watering system set up properly, the heat in July was tremendous, and our squashes and cucumbers were planted on the late side.  Nevertheless, we are hopeful that the recent cooling in the weather and more rain will help everything finish strong before fall comes.  In the meantime we have harvested about 6 pounds of tomatoes and almost a pound of peppers.  

We’ve also improved our composting habits in hopes of improving the soil.  We invite anyone who would like to contribute vegetable scraps (no meat or dairy) or grass clippings to toss them into the hollow at the top of the pile.  We will be sure to turn and incorporate your contributions each week.  The pile is located against the fence on the Dupree street side of Delaney Park.

We continue to meet every Friday at 9 AM and invite you to join us any time.  Newcomers are always welcome.  No gardening experience needed. 

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Beth Berkley (murbith at

Father we pray that you bless the soil, the hands that work it, the food it grows and the people it feeds.  Let the small act of growing food ripple out to bring greater love and health into the world.


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