Saint Phocas Garden at Saint Titus is a shared project with Saint Luke’s, and part of the Good News Gardens Movement of the Episcopal Church.  If you would like to receive their newsletters and/or start a Good News Garden of your own at home or with others, please visit the website for more information.     

Spring is coming and with it plenty of rain this year!  In Saint Phocas Garden at Saint Titus this month, we planted peas and spinach and prepared our spring beds for planting beets and lettuce once it gets a little warmer.  

The cover crop in our summer bed (winter rye and crimson clover) is lush and beautiful.  We plan to cut it down and till it in on April 1 so that the organic matter will have 3-4 weeks to break down before we start planting our summer crops.  

We harvested broccoli florets, carrots and our first two shiitake mushrooms this month.  The carrots had been waiting one and a half years to harvest and had not been thinned properly so they looked a bit strange, but they were sweet and delicious.  

We are meeting weekly on Fridays at 3:00 and can always use more volunteers.  If you are interested in joining us, email to get on our weekly update list so that you will know exactly when we are meeting and what we plan to do.  

Father we pray that you bless the soil, the hands that work it, the food it grows and the people it feeds.  Let the small act of growing food ripple out to bring greater love and health into the world.


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