Our “Good News Garden” is a joint ministry of St. Luke’s and St. Titus’ Episcopal Church in Durham. The garden is named after St. Phocas, the patron saint of gardeners.

Greg Jacobs, Hannah Bowman, Carla Knipp and Mary Beth Berkley met on December 3 to ready the garden for winter.  We pulled up the remaining tomato and pepper plants which had finally succumbed to frost and rolled up the soaker hoses from the summer bed for indoor storage during the winter.  We also watered the cover crops in our future summer bed and checked for mushrooms.  Still no sign of them.  It has been a very dry fall.  Hopefully the recent rains will encourage some to pop out soon.

We spent a little time coming up with a wish list for items we can use going forward.  Here it is in case anyone is interested in donating any of these items.  We are perfectly happy with donations of used items as long as they are in good working condition.  Anything on this list would be a tremendous help:

  • 2 shovels
  • 1 soil rake
  • 2 soil knifes
  • 1 wheelbarrow with flat free style tire 
  • between 1 and 3 comfortable chairs
  • 2 watering wands
  • a water timer for the shade bed
  • a large bag of Garden Tone
  • 2 buckets (3-ish gallon size preferred)

We decided to meet monthly at 3:00 on the first Friday of January, February and March, just to check in on the garden and check in on each other.  In March we will discuss starting to meet more frequently again once we start spring planting.

We hope that you all have a cozy Christmas filled with peace and joy.

The Garden Team

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