Our “Good News Garden” is a joint ministry of St. Luke’s and St. Titus’ Episcopal Church in Durham. The garden is named after St. Phocas, the patron saint of gardeners.

The Garden

In spite of the cooling weather, the Good News Garden collaboration between Saint Titus and Saint Luke’s is still going strong.  For some reason, the frost still hasn’t gotten the tomatoes, peppers, or basil in our summer beds.  The broccoli is growing very well.  We are eagerly anticipating the day that we come to the garden and find the first signs of florets.  The collards are not doing as well.  I suspect that they are putting in strong root systems, and will put on serious growth come warmer weather and more sunlight in spring.  Some of our onions have sprouted, but the garlic still hasn’t poked up through the earth yet.  The cover crop on our new bed has sprouted and is looking good in spite of dry weather and minimal watering.  The mushrooms are still not showing any signs of life.  Hopefully today’s rain is exactly what they need.  

The People

Greg Jacobs, Hannah Bowman, David Ross and Mary Beth Berkley gathered for a pumpkin cookie baking extravaganza on Oct. 19.  We made chewy brown butter maple pumpkin cookies, oatmeal pecan cranberry pumpkin cookies, and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, then packaged them up for the Blessing of the Garden on Sunday.

On Sunday, folks from the congregation gathered around the garden where Rev. Stephanie read a wonderful blessing and then sprinkled each of the beds with holy water.  It was a wonderful thing to see everyone gathered in the garden together.  We hope to see many more simple garden gatherings in the future! 

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