We are back together in person at church and it is not the same!

During October, the children and I have been meeting outside with our masks on and enjoying the beautiful weather. We’ve had awesome volunteer helpers and some really fun activities. We drew the circle of the church year in chalk, we took a nature walk, we heard the stories of creation and the Holy family, we walked the labyrinth. We have had a few grandchildren of parishioners join us, so I want to remind everyone that if your grandkids are visiting or live nearby, they are welcome to come!

I have loved being with our St. Luke’s children again in person and hope that more and more families will begin to join us in the months ahead. For me, the biggest difference as I look around in worship is that families are not there yet. I long for the sanctuary to be filled with those young members, laughing and coloring and looking around in wonder!
AND, I totally understand why families are not back yet. There are many nuanced reasons that parents are choosing in order to keep their children, themselves, and others as safe as possible. I understand and don’t want anyone to feel pressure to come back. Do know, however, that you are missed, you are thought of and prayed for each week. And I look forward to seeing you again.

One important part of Sunday mornings for me, is that your family have some time to worship together. While children’s programming and formation are important, it can not compare to having our children participating in worship. Children should be in church with their family, seeing the stained glass windows, the flowers, the candles, hearing the music, smelling the smells, seeing friends and parishioners who are glad they have come.

St. Luke’s Sunday School for Children
Sundays at 9:30am in Johnson Hall
Wear a mask
For children four years old through fifth grade

For the months of November and December children are invited to meet in Johnson Hall at 9:30am. As the weather gets cooler, we will be inside, giving us enough space to spread out, yet still be together. According to the diocesan guidelines we will be wearing masks, staying distanced and not having any food or drink. Children will hear our Godly Play story, then come into the sanctuary to join their families for communion. Know that your children and grandchildren are welcome and I look forward to seeing all of you again soon.

God of love and light,
Thank you for our church family.
Thank you for the children who are part of St. Luke’s.
We ask your grace and mercy as we slowly move back together in person,
Give us understanding hearts to know the worry and concern of parents.
Fill our homes with love and warmth in the days ahead,
That we may be healthy and happy and safe.
In the name of your child, Jesus, we pray.

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