Stewardship Moments of Light
February, 2021

Many hands make light work.  (English proverb)

There have always been leaders and mentors at St Luke’s who were willing, by their examples, to show the importance of service in the spiritual life of our community.

Many hands came to me from Dot Borden, who has been so pivotal to the Sister Cities program and service at St. Luke’s. I thought of that same many hands during a recent community food distribution at El Buen Pastor, our sister church in east Durham. Sarah Woodard (Deacon at St. Titus) and parishioners at El Buen Pastor opened their hands to welcome new volunteers from St. Luke’s. All of us carried, packed, and loaded food donated to the NC Food Bank. Local community members extended their hands to receive the fresh produce and meat and prepare it for their families. Much of that food came from the working hands of North Carolina farmers and agricultural workers.

I have begun to understand that there are hands and faces and stories behind what we call food insecurity in our community.

There is much reason to lift our hands in thanks for these connections and opportunities to use the talents that we have all been given to make light work.

Peter Jacobi

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