St. Luke’s enjoyed its first service presided over by Interim Rector Rhonda Lee on January 2, 2022.

Here is Rev. Rhonda’s welcome message to the congregation and friends. Rhonda can be reached at

Dear people of St. Luke’s,

It was an Advent blessing for me to discern with your vestry that St. Luke’s and I are called to sojourn together for a time, to rest together in God’s creative love and then to see what holy things might be born among us. My first day worshiping with you as your interim rector will be the Second Sunday after Christmas, the 2nd of January.

We will get to know each other over the next weeks and months, but for the moment, I’ll briefly introduce myself. For the past seven years I have served as a canon on your diocesan staff. In that time, I have gotten to know our large and varied diocese well, and I’m grateful to say I have friends across its breadth. As my time with St. Luke’s approaches, I look forward to my ministry being rooted in Durham. This town that has been my home for almost 30 years (save for a few years in Kentucky at the very beginning of this century), since I moved here to do a doctorate in U.S. history at Duke. Originally from Montréal, I was raised bilingually and biculturally by an English-speaking mother and a French-speaking father. These days, I enjoy interacting with friends and neighbors in Spanish whenever I have the chance.

I enjoy writing, reading (especially mystery novels and memoirs), cooking, and playing games with my family. I’m an unskilled but persistent gardener and the custodian of precisely two houseplants that by God’s grace have survived in my care for a few years now. This past October, Forward Movement published my book, Seek and You Will Find: Discovering A Practice of Prayer. Writing that book in my spare time kept me focused on God in this pandemic, and I’m grateful for that.

I look forward to meeting you all; to worshiping, praying, and studying together; to enjoying fellowship together and caring for each other and our neighbors in all the ways we can; to hearing what you love about St. Luke’s and each other; and to listening for and to God together.

Some of you may wonder: when we meet, what shall you call me? “Rhonda” is just fine. If you feel more comfortable using a title, “Dr. Lee” would be the most formal, and “Pastor Rhonda” or “Rector Rhonda” (understanding that this title is, in my case, only interim) are less-formal options.

Yours in Christ and in anticipation,

Rhonda (The Rev. Rhonda M. Lee, PhD)