St. Luke’s has been involved with Holy Cross in many ways since the school’s founding in 2006: adult and youth mission trips to work at the school; donations of school supplies, technology, shoes, and countless other items; direct financial donations to Holy Cross and its feeding program; and support through high school for a sequence of Holy Cross graduates. This page presents the same two donation options available at the Holy Cross table when the AGF is held in Johnson Hall: contributing to the Holy Cross feeding program, and supporting our current St. Luke’s Holy Cross graduate through high school.

Support for the School’s Feeding Program

The cost of educating a student at Holy Cross starts with feeding them at lunch. From the first day it opened in 2006, feeding children who may not have enough to eat at home has been central to the school’s mission. With Holy Cross students forced by COVID to stay home and get their schooling remotely, getting food to them has become more difficult this fall. But the goal remains the same: help children to learn by making sure they’re not hungry.

You may support the feeding program, as well as other operations at Holy Cross, by donating directly to the Holy Cross Education Foundation.

Support for Holy Cross Graduates through High School

Once a student graduates from Holy Cross, the next step is four years of high school at San Pedro High School, the only high school on Ambergris Caye. Not all students graduating from Holy Cross are candidates for high school – but some of them definitely are! And for these students, the cost of high school may be completely beyond their family’s resources.

The approach Holy Cross has taken to this problem is to serve as a clearinghouse, matching Holy Cross graduates with organizations and individuals who agree to support them through high school. Supporting a student through high school is a four-year commitment involving between $1000 and $1300 per year. Primarily through the Alternative Gift Fair, St. Luke’s has supported a number of Holy Cross graduates through high school on Ambergris Caye.

Leticia Then and Now

Our current student, Leticia, is in her second year at San Pedro High School. Just like the Holy Cross students, Leticia is also stuck at home doing all of her high school work remotely. She created this “then and now” photo showing the difference between high school last year on campus and high school this year in her “office” at home. She continues to do very well with her high school classes. Since COVID has arrived, Leticia’s emails to us usually include a reminder to stay safe and wash our hands. This illustrates one of the nicest aspects of how Holy Cross has set up the high school scholarship program. Sponsors are not simply supporting a student in the abstract. We are supporting and getting to know a specific individual as she grows up over her four years of high school.

How to give:

Your donation to our Holy Cross high school scholarship supporting Leticia must be received by St. Luke’s on or before December 29 to be recorded as a donation in tax year 2020.

Since support for Leticia’s scholarship comes initially to St. Luke’s, it is handled in the same way as the other St. Luke’s donations. You may make a single donation to one, several, or all of these funds, indicating how you want your overall donation to be split among them:

You may make your donation to these funds in any of the following ways:

  • Through ACS (indicate the amount directed to each fund in ACS);
  • Through PayPal (indicate the amount directed to each fund in the comment field);
  • With a personal check mailed to St. Luke’s (indicate the amount directed to each fund on your check).

Your donation to our Holy Cross high school scholarship supporting Leticia must be received by St. Luke’s on or before December 29 to be recorded as a donation in tax year 2020.