Friends, I’m writing this on Monday the 13th of March. Last Saturday, the 11th, we came together to celebrate the Resurrection and commit June Santa, Sr. to God’s loving care. Yesterday, as we celebrated the Third Sunday in Lent together, I was moved not only by the memory of June’s service, but also by the varied gifts that came together to offer such beautiful worship for the second day in a row.

Yes, it was a snowy, sleety day. Yes, it was Daylight Saving Sunday. But as I prepared to preside at the altar, I gave thanks for all of you. All of you who offer your gifts to give praise to God and fellowship to each other. The choir’s harmonies that give a hint of what Heaven sounds like; the lay Eucharistic ministers who feed God’s people with quiet dignity; the university student home for break who pinch-hits as crucifer-acolyte; the voices in the congregation that join in the Lord’s Prayer and the responses; the readers and intercessors and the deacon who embody the graces of different varieties and orders of ministry.

Please never doubt that your part in our worship is important, or think you won’t be missed if you’re not there. Each of us offers something of ourselves, and what we create together is a thing of beauty. There is always room for more, so please do invite your friends to come and see what we do at St. Luke’s, and what the living Jesus Christ is doing among us. 

Thanks be to God, and thank you all.

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