Last week, I celebrated being named rector time certain by moving into my office at St. Luke’s.

When I started my sojourn with St. Luke’s in January, Covid and icy weather were both raging. It didn’t seem like the right moment to settle into an office. And then I got busy…maybe you know how that is. So, while the rector’s office had been freshly repainted by a kind parishioner, and other helpful St. Luke’s members helped me arrange furniture, the walls remained bare. Nothing about the space said “Rector Rhonda.”

But now I plan to stay a while, and it was past time to decorate my space. I’ll be with St. Luke’s at least another year and a half. In the fall of 2023, the vestry and I will decide if St. Luke’s and I are called to continue in ministry together. Between now and then, they and I will be praying, and we’ll be listening–to each other, to God, and to you. If we hear a call to continue together, I’ll become simply your rector–no modifier needed. If we think someone else is called to be your next rector, I’ll see St. Luke’s through that search and plan to bid you all a fond farewell in the summer of 2024.

For now, I’m going to enjoy this time with y’all, and my new office. Some of my favorite pictures are on the walls, and my Presiding Bishop Curry bobblehead doll joins a stuffed winged pig on the bookshelves. Come see them, and me!

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