This Week at St. Luke’s
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10am Spiritual Communion
             on Facebook and YouTube.
     Sermon and Godly Play Story posts on Facebook
11am Coffee Hour  here
7:30pm Youth Group by Zoom

6:30  Finance Committee by Zoom

     10-11am Open Sanctuary Time
      7pm Bible Study on Zoom

   11:30am Prayer and Share on Zoom   
    4:30-5:30pm Open Sanctuary Time
    7pm Stewardship Team by Zoom

 1:00  Connections and Support Group by Zoom

Sunday May 16
9:30  In-Person Worship on the Great Lawn 
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New This Week
A few St. Lukers have asked for individual quiet time in the sanctuary.  Next week, the sanctuary will be open for drop-in individual masked quiet time Tuesday May 11th from 10-11am and Wednesday May 12th from 4:30-5:30pm.  
You do not need to preregister for this.  When you arrive, masked, you will sign in.  Others may be in the sanctuary, too.  We ask that you keep socially distanced from others indoors.

We’ve got 26 responses to this short survey about how you are feeling about worship and activities this summer.  We’re looking for more responses.  Please take a few minutes to connect with us by taking the survey. 
Survey is open until May 15th. Thank you!

May is Mental Health Month!  Dale Healy will be walking in the annual NAMI Walk fundraiser.  You can support her and NAMI by donating here

This week’s Prayer and Share will be moved 1/2 hour early, to 11:30.  You are invited to join us this week, or any week.

Presiding Bishop Curry and many others are offering an online Pentecost Revival at 4pm on Sun, May 23rd. 
“We’ll pray next to bee colonies on Seattle’s cathedral roof and chant and give thanks for the earth with Navajo leaders. We’re going to celebrate our diversity, bless God’s creation, and receive the gifts of the Spirit for all that’s ahead,” said Jerusalem Greer, the church’s staff officer for evangelism. “It’s time for us to live the Way of Love out in the world in a new way.”
The Pentecost Way of Love Revival Worship Service will be aired on the Episcopal Church’s various web channels, including Facebook and
This year Johnson Service Corps is celebrating 20 years of bringing young adults to the Triangle for a year of service, spiritual formation, intentional community living, and social justice engagement. Whether you are a long-time supporter of the program or are interested in learning more about the local Episcopal Service Corps affiliate, we invite you to join us for a virtual celebration on Thursday, May 20th from 7-8:15PM. Click here to RSVP.

All workdays begin at 7:30 and last until 10:00 or as long as you can stay.  Bring a hat, gloves, water and tools.  Contact the workday leader for more information.
June 5th     Wendy Cook and Steve Dedrick
July 24th     Daniel Emory
Sept. 11th   Eileen Morgan
Nov. 6th      Hope Galunas
How Can I Help?
St. Luke’s members and friends (16 years and older) are encouraged to help with the monthly food distribution out of El Buen Pastor.  Distributions are normally from 7:30-12:30 (come all or just part of the time) on the 1st Saturday of the month.  For more info, please contact Peter Jacobi (corrected link) who is a regular St. Luke’s participant. 
Next Date: May 29th.

Please make sure to keep the clergy in the loop if there are any needs or concerns you have or you know about.  You can e-mail Helen at any time.  

REMEMBER, Your clergy will not send you e-mail or texts messages asking for gift cards or financial help. 
Full Articles 
This is our May article about Saint Phocas Community Garden, the project that Saint Luke’s is doing with Saint Titus. View a photo gallery here.

April has been a busy month at Saint Phocas Garden.  We have planted 2 Wineberry raspberries, 2 currant bushes and 1 bayleaf tree in the shady area by the church.  

We’ve also created two new garden beds.  The soil in the new area looks nice, but is still very new and clearly hasn’t started much in the way of microbial life.  It will be interesting to see how our plants fare this year.  Even if they do not do well, they will help build soil for a better garden next year.  Building soil is like putting savings in the bank.  At first it might not seem like much, but over time interest (microbes and dead plant matter) builds until you have some serious capital (healthy soil) with which to do mighty works (grow plants that feed many people).  

In the new beds we have planted 7 different varieties of heirloom tomato, green and banana peppers, scallions, onions, leeks, cosmos, marigolds, sunflowers and radishes (for the flowers).  

We also cleared out the old bed and sprinkled it with a cover crop of buckwheat which will attract pollinators and help improve the soil.  

We have begun and/or ended most of our gatherings with a prayer support as we strive to create a garden that builds community and feeds people.  Please come and join us if you can.  We meet on Fridays at noon, weather permitting.  We will start thirty minutes later on May 7 as we are visiting CC Spaulding first for teacher appreciation day.  
               -Mary Beth Berkley and the Good News Garden Crew

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