This week in our Lenten Program “Meeting God in Books” we discussed Abraham Joshuah Heschel’s work “The Sabbath.”  We spoke about how even God needed Sabbath.  And we noticed something more.  In the story of creation, we all know that God rested on the 7th day.  But one of our group mentioned that, in daily preparation for that sabbath, each day God looked back on the day that was and saw that it was good.  

Some of us in the group decided a daily practice of looking back on our day and claiming it as “good.”  It’s been a rough year.  With all the bad news that has bombarded us, it is sometimes difficult to remember that every single day good exists, good is happening.  

And so, I invite you to join me –either beginning on Easter (April 4), or beginning right now–to take up a daily practice of taking a moment to review your day and say to yourself, “And it was good.”

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