This Week at St. Luke’s
Public Health Indicators: here 
Event risk assessment: here.
Free COVID test from Durham County here.

Find out about NC Vaccination schedules here. 

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10am Spiritual Communion
             on Facebook and YouTube.
     Sermon and Godly Play Story posts on Facebook
11am Coffee Hour on Zoom

      7pm Bible Study on Zoom

     Noon Prayer and Share on Zoom

     3:00  Worship Recording

    12:00  Good News Gardening
     1:00  Connections and Support Group by Zoom

     10 and 11am  Croasdaile Communion
New This Week
St. Luke’s member Phillip Bass became a Postulant for Holy Orders (priesthood) this week.  Keep him in your prayers as he prepares for conversations with the diocesan Board of Examining Chaplains and looks toward the next step of becoming a Candidate for Holy Orders in the coming months.

Are you over 65?
Wake County has had spots available if you’re able to drive to Raleigh.
If you are able to get to a Durham vaccination site at the drop of a hat (within 30 minutes), you can sign up here to get added to an on-call list for last minute availability through the Health Department. 

Please contact Kathy if you would like a February-April Forward Day by Day  meditation book mailed to you.  This will be the last bulk order from St. Luke’s.  
To get them delivered directly to your home for $13/year call 800-543-1813 or go here.
To sign up to receive them as a daily e-mail for free, sign up here.

Please contact Kathy if you would like a 2021 Gospel Based Discipleship booklet mailed to you.  This is the diocesan prayer list and daily bible reading guide.
How Can I Help?
St. Luke’s has a small and faithful group of people helping to lead our online worship, and we’re looking to expand this group.  If you are able to use Zoom, can meet on Thursday afternoons, and would be willing to be a worship reader, please contact Helen.
How about music?  Even if you haven’t been in our choir before, we would love to have you as part of our virtual choir or to offer a solo or instrumental piece.  These you record at home on your own time.  If you’re willing and able, please contact Kaye.  

St. Luke’s members and friends (16 years and older) are encouraged to help with the monthly food distribution out of El Buen Pastor.  Distributions are normally from 7:30-12:30 (come all or just part of the time) on the 1st Saturday of the month.  For more info, please contact Peter Jacobi who is a regular St. Luke’s participant. 

Please make sure to keep the clergy in the loop if there are any needs or concerns you have or you know about.  You can e-mail Helen at any time.  

REMEMBER, Your clergy will not send you e-mail or texts messages asking for gift cards or financial help. 
As we begin 2021, LEAP is settling into the new year with our new routines, that don’t seem that new anymore.

Our preschool children are meeting on zoom for their usual “circle time” activities, singing songs, saying hello to their classmates, and reading books. Their parents access lessons through our private facebook groups. And the teachers are meeting with the children in small groups (currently 1-2 students) outdoors. Our children arrive in their masks (which they dutifully wear at this point) and ready to have their temperature taken. It’s all part of the routine at this point.

Our teachers have done just an amazing job of creating online lessons that draw the children into hands-on activities and keep them engaged. We have maintained our dedication to play-
based learning and have found new inspiration in our outdoor learning spaces.

Our tutoring students (ages 6-12 yrs) are working with their tutors through zoom. An unexpected benefit of this arrangement is that each pair can meet at a time that’s convenient for both, and the size of our classrooms no longer limit how many pairs we can have. As our students’ parents are more challenged than ever, our tutors have stepped forward to help with homework and interpret teachers’ directions.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors and partner organizations, we have also been able to help families who have lost income due to the pandemic. We continue to provide families with grocery shopping cards and grants to pay their rent and/or utility bills. We know that we often have to ask several times or ways to learn that a family needs help and rely on the relationships we have developed over the years, in some cases, to learn how we can be most helpful.

We are hopeful about the changes that this spring will bring but are striving to appreciate the unique gifts of this winter in the meantime. Our children continually inspire us to find the moments of light in this season of darkness.

To learn more about LEAP, please visit

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