This Week at St. Luke’s
In-person worship is suspended until AT LEAST MID-OCTOBER.
Public Health Indicators can be found here and an event risk assessment tool is here.

Click here and scroll down for this week’s complete bulletin for our Sunday 10am worship.

   10am Spiritual Communion on Facebook 
    Sermon and Godly Play Story posts on Facebook
    11am Coffee Hour on Zoom link
     6:30pm Vestry Extra Zoom
     7:00pm Sacred Ground: Faith and Race
   7:00  Storytime on Facebook
   7:00  Online Bible Study on Zoom
   Noon Prayer and Share Zoom link
   8:30am Good News Garden Tending
   1pm Connections & Support Group NEW Zoom link
New This Week
The pumpkin sale is cancelled this year due to truck delivery issues with the fundraising company, as a result of the COVID-19 impact on their business.  We are looking forward to a successful Pumpkin Patch sale in 2021.

St. Luke’s annual Every Member Canvas Pledge Letter will be mailed on Monday, October 5th so check your mail!  A beautiful verse from I Timothy on Faith Filled Generosity encourages us “to be rich in good works, generous, and ready to share.”  Our campaign ends on November 8th.

2020 PECANS FOR BELIZE – St. Luke’s is once again selling delicious South Georgia pecans to raise money for the feeding program at Holy Cross Anglican School in Belize. We’re selling pecans in two varieties: Plain and Dark Chocolate Covered, both for $11.00 for a one-pound bag. All pecans are fresh from this year’s crop. The deadline for placing your order and making your payment to St. Luke’s is November 1. To order, either fill out and return this pdf to St. Luke’s (1737 Hillandale Road, Durham NC 27705) or order online at
There are also two ways to pay:· Mail a check to St. Luke’s with “BELIZE PECANS” on the memo line.· Pay through ACS, specifying “Belize Pecans” as the fund.
Historically, our contributions to the Holy Cross feeding program have been matched at the Holy Cross Education Foundation, providing even more meals for the children. Support is especially important this year, since Holy Cross and Belize as a whole have been battling the same global pandemic we have, but with far fewer resources. Pecans will be available for pickup a few days before Thanksgiving. You’ll be contacted at that time with details on how we’ll be handling pickup. As always, thanks for your support

As we prepare to elect the Vestry class of 2023, we are fortunate to have updated our bylaws at the annual meeting in January 2019 to allow for absentee voting. The Vestry Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the class of 2023 Vestry slate: Beth Bonner, Mike Henry, Bill Mahony, June Santa, Alan Schueler, and Lera Williams. The first portion of the annual meeting will be called to order at the Town Hall meeting via Zoom on Sunday, October 11 at 11:00 a.m. At this meeting any parishioner can nominate from the floor a willing parishioner, who has given permission and whose eligibility has been verified by the Parish Administrator beforehand, to be named to the slate.
Once the slate is set, ballots will be available by mail or email to eligible voters, beginning October 13. Four vestry members will be elected from the slate of six. If you would like an absentee ballot, please contact Kathy Barnes to have one sent to you. To be eligible to vote, you must be 16 years of age or older and be a member in good standing of St. Luke’s. Absentee ballots must be returned to the church by U.S. Mail no later than Friday, November 6 at 10:00 a.m. For eligible voters attending the in-person worship service(s) on Sunday, November 8, ballots will be taken at the beginning of the liturgy.
The Nominating Committee (retiring Vestry members Bill Gutknecht, Julie Hege, John Hodges-Copple, Bob Moore) will count all absentee ballots on Saturday, November 7, and all in-person ballots on Sunday, November 8. In the event of a tie for one or more seats on the vestry, absentee ballots will stand and added to the tally from run-off ballots taken on at the end of the in-person liturgy on November 8.
Beth Bonner – Activities of my early life in the small town of Aurora, NC revolved around school and Holy Cross Episcopal Church. My siblings and I were encouraged (more like expected) to attend Sunday School every Sunday and Church at least twice a month. It was a small church and there were limited youth group undertakings but I joined in whatever was available.  I took piano lessons from my Aunt Sal who was our church organist and once in awhile she would let me play a few hymns during church.  My joy was not playing the organ but seeing the ear to ear grin on my Mother’s face when I did.
 I started attending St. Luke’s in 1981 and joined shortly after.  From the very first visit I felt right at home, everyone was so friendly and welcoming just like I hope it is to newcomers today.  As far as my St. Luke’s Church experience, I have served twice on previous Vestries and over the years worked on a number of committee’s:  Ladies Lunch Bunch, Pastoral Care, Coffee Hour, Duke Episcopal Center Dinners, Reception and Cover Dish Meals, Pancake Supper, Spring Fling Sale, Altar Guild, Ordination Receptions and Pumpkin Patch. 
 I would look forward to serving on the Vestry for the next three years.
Mike Henry – My family and I have been in Durham since 2000 and joined St. Luke’s in 2004.  Since then St. Luke’s has been an important and cherished part of our life.  Cindy, our two daughters Kasey and Jessica, and I have all been active in the church life and family and St. Luke’s has certainly helped shape us as a family.  For my vocation, I work full time doing healthcare supply chain consulting. 
 I have previously served on the vestry and served as senior warden during our transition from Stephanie to Helen.  I am honored to be asked to serve again on this most important leadership and governing body.  The vestry plays such an important and diverse role in the life of the church.  Of course, the vestry provides administrative and financial oversight, tending to the business of the church and supporting our rector, clergy, and staff.  Just as importantly though, the vestry engages in servant leadership, keeping a finger on the pulse of the church body and being a positive and enthusiastic force always focused on the wellbeing of our congregation, the Episcopal church and the communities we serve.    
 Among the things I would like to see for St. Luke’s is to continue to expand our outreach and impact on our community.  It is so important these days to promote and support the dignity of all people and to do so reflecting the love of God and doing it with good will and good cheer.
 There is much I could write about St. Luke’s our history and what I hope for our future.  I will simply say that I know we will continue to move forward, we’ll continue to evolve, we’ll face challenges and opportunities anticipated and unanticipated and we’ll rise to all occasions reflecting the love of God.
 If elected, I’ll serve enthusiastically and graciously. 
Bill Mahony – I grew up in the old Catholic Church of the 1950’s. Later, I had a falling out with God, as issues of Vietnam and civil rights raged. In 1983, my wife Joyce and I moved from snowy Syracuse, NY, to sunny Durham, where we found good work and a warm home. By the late 1980’s, I made a commitment to myself—to fight for racial justice. Over the years, this has taken different forms, and has, unexpectedly, brought me closer to God. Around this time, Joyce and I finally found a church we were comfortable with: Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. ERUUF proved to be a good spiritual home for our young daughter… and a sacred place where Joyce continues to worship and serve happily and passionately. Over time, though, I felt a pull to return to a Christ-centered church—but one where dogma wasn’t an obstacle to a welcoming culture. On the last Sunday of August 2014, I visited St. Luke’s – and never looked back. Yes, I felt welcomed – and saw the love of Christ extended to all who came… and also to many who didn’t come but who were in need. I found joy serving as an usher, meeting many in our congregation, as we prayed and received the gift of the Holy Eucharist together. I’ve also been active on St. Luke’s Faith Teams. I’ve seen the humanity of our Partners (returning back from prison) – and how people from different worlds can, slowly, develop friendships and become like family. And I love being on St. Luke’s Pastoral Care team – and consider this work to be essential to living my faith. Finally, this past June, I graduated from our Education-for-Ministry program—a faith-enriching experience… that has helped clarify for me what it means to be a follower of Christ. I look forward to finding new ways to serve God by supporting both the congregation I love and the radically welcoming mission of St. Luke’s.
June Santa – I am a long-time member of St. Luke’s running for the Vestry.  Our family moved to North Carolina from Pittsburgh, Pa when I was a teenager after my Father accepted a job.
I serve on various groups at St. Luke’s.  They include Choir member, Lay Reader, Altar Guild, Lay Eucharistic Visitor and Coordinator and Pastoral Care. In the past, I have served on the Vestry, been a St. Luke’s delegate at Diocesan Convention, served as a member of the Sub-Committee to establish El Buen Pastor, the Diocese’s Hispanic mission in Durham and served on the Bishop’s Committee to the Diaconate.
I earned a BS degree in Business Administration. I retired from the Anesthesiology
Department at Duke in 2017.
During this pandemic in person worship, fellowship, parish life and most importantly the Eucharist have been curtailed.  We miss them. The Episcopal Church and St. Luke’s are sorely needed.
I am running for Vestry because I care about the future of St. Luke’s during and after
Covid-19.  When thinking about my bio, Psalm 25:3 came to mind.  “Show me your ways, O Lord and teach me your paths.” Whether you have attending St. Luke’s for several years or are new to St. Luke’s, together let us see the ways and the path the Lord has in store for us.
Alan Schueler – My history with the Episcopal Church began in junior high in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. We had thriving youth fellowships. At various times I was president of our senior fellowship and treasurer of the statewide Episcopal Youth of Oklahoma
I came to Durham in 1968 to pursue a Ph.D in English literature at Duke. After completing that and some deferred military active duty, I earned an M.Ed. from UNC-CH in educational media. That led to a career in training and development in the Triangle, highlights being program manager of the EPA Air Pollution Training Institute, and, at NCSU, director of continuing education in engineering extension and IT director in Agriculture and Life Sciences. My career enabled me to gain skills in communications, training, instructional technology, and collaborative management.
My history with St. Luke’s began with the baptism of my son Mark by Bob Johnson in 1980 followed by irregular attendance for a few years. Mark attended St Luke’s preschool in 1983-84.
Three years ago my wife died unexpectedly and in the early stages of grief I felt the need to return to the church. On the recommendation of old friends Carol and Bill Charping I met with Helen and immediately recognized that St. Luke’s, as it had evolved over the years, would be a place of comfort and meaning. The progressive approach to social and religious matters, the warmth of parishioners, the encouragement to participate in parish activities, and the continuing development of the music program were all central to my feeling at home. I currently serve on the Evangelism/Communications Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Gold Faith Team—all of which have provided experience with various aspects of parish life and opportunities for further service. In addition, I am a member of the men’s evening dinner group and one of the monthly supper groups.
St. Luke’s has a long history of stability but faces challenges in the near future. The pandemic has forced us to adapt in many ways, and we have been successful in opening ourselves to new methods of worship and communication. As a vestry member I would enthusiastically work to continue that success. I especially support the enhancement of liturgical richness, continued innovation in the arts, building community with the other Durham parishes, local social and economic outreach, and expanding our use of technology.
Lera Williams – Originally from Trinidad, West Indies, Lera worked for Verizon in New York for 33 years as an Outside Plant Engineer. She retired in place and is still working for Verizon as a Consultant. Married for 40 years, she has two sons, Jimmy and Jason, and has been widowed since March 2019. She was an active member of St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church in Queens, NY for 33 years. Lera joined the St. Luke’s family in August 2014 and she has enjoyed being a member of several groups including: Choir, Episcopal Center Ministry at Duke, The Altar Guild, Supper Club, Newcomers Ministry and the Clericus Luncheons in association with the Belize Missionary Trips where she loved working with the children and ziplining! Hobbies include: Gardening and Exercising as she is a certified Aerobics, Zumba, Pilates and Kick Boxing instructor.
Rector Helen will be on vacation through October 8th.  Both Jim Craven and Susan Bennett are available for pastoral concerns.  Kathy will coordinate announcements, prayer e-mails and calendar items.  Laura and Kaye are updating Facebook worship and events. 

We are looking for members who would attend in-person communion and then take communion to people who are not able to attend worship at this time.  If you are interested and able to attend in-person communion services this fall/winter, and are willing to be trained as a Lay Eucharistic Visitor, please contact Helen. 

Presiding Bishop Curry has talked about the importance of Voting Faithfully.  Here are a few tools for you: 
1)  If you need someone to witness you completing your absentee ballot, or if you are willing to witness others, contact Bill and Carol Charping.
REMEMBER: Do not complete your absentee ballot until the witness is present!
2)  If you would like to track your absentee ballot to ensure it is counted, use this
3) Pray!  Sign up here to receive daily prayers for the election Oct 27-Nov 4.

St. Lukers (and others) living at Croasdaile have begun meeting for Morning Prayer on the 1st Saturday of the month.  There is a group at 10am and one at 11am.  To sign up or for more information, contact Elaine Scagnelli. 

The next St. Luke’s Walkers’ outing will be October 10th at 10:00 am. The trial, which is yet to be chosen, will be about two miles long and relatively easy walking. If you have not already signed up as a  St. Luke’s Walker and want to be added to the current list, please let Karen Gray or Bill Gutknecht know. Those already signed up will receive information about the walk in a day or two.  

Members of the former St. Luke’s Grief Group are opening the weekly group Zoom meeting to anyone in the St. Luke’s community who would benefit from regular support for any reason (eg grief, loneliness, illness, anxiety or any stressful situation etc).  Join us every week, or drop in anytime you need a little extra support in a loving, faith-filled support group.  
We meet every Friday on Zoom from 1pm – 2pm. 
We start the meeting with a short devotion, we share our “cheers, tears, fears, tender moments” and often share a children’s book that, in the tradition of Jesus’ parables, gives us strength for our journey.  We share any prayer concerns (personal, community) and close the meeting with prayer.
In order to make this a safe and welcoming group, we observe the following group covenants:
1–Confidentiality (what is shared here stays here)
2–No apologies for any feelings or circumstances
3–It’s ok to laugh, it’s ok to cry (feelings are ok)
4–You can share or NOT share your “story”
5–Grief is grief (or any need for support is an acceptable need for support)
6–Do not give advice unless asked
How Can I Help?
Please contact Helen  if you would be willing to be Clerk of the Vestry for the second half of 2020.  Duties include taking minutes at all vestry meetings, Parish Council, and Parish-wide meetings; edit and distribute minutes, and work with the Parish Administrator to file appropriately.  Ability to take notes quickly, comfort with Word, Google Docs and Zoom required.  

The local Poor People’s Campaign is doing a twice-monthly food distribution called “Fed Up!”  If you would like to donate or participate, click here and sign up for their mailing list. 

Please make sure to keep the clergy in the loop if there are any needs or concerns you have or you know about.  You can e-mail Helen at any time.  

REMEMBER, Your clergy will not send you e-mail or texts messages asking for gift cards or financial help.  Be suspicious of anything that comes outside of these announcements.  Do not respond to the request, but call the clergy person or create a separate e-mail to Helen to verify. 

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