On Thursday, we had our first trial in-person event, the Graduate Blessing.  As we gathered,  I invited them to join in an adapted version of a Lovingkindness meditation.   This comes originally from Buddhist practice, but can easily be edited for a Christian setting.  We first begin with prayer for ourselves, then move to those we love, then move out into all creation.  

I’ve spoken with several people recently who asked for new ways to pray in these pandemic days.  I invite you to give this a try:

May I experience God’s love.

May I experience God’s healing.

May I experience God’s rest.

May I experience God’s peace.

May you experience God’s love.

May you experience God’s healing.

May you experience God’s rest.

May you experience God’s peace.

May all experience God’s love.

May all experience God’s healing.

May all experience God’s rest.

May all experience God’s peace.

an adaptation of a Buddhist Lovingkindness meditation

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