One of the things that has happened to me during quarantine is that my world has become very small. Often I stay within the same 50ft x 50ft space for 164 of my 168 hours each week.

Although I connect with dozens and dozens of people virtually each week, it somehow isn’t quite the same as being in the same space, bumping into each other, having a spontaneous conversation. I keep updated with the world beyond my yard by spending time each day with the New York Times and Facebook. And yet, my world is becoming so, so small.

A few weeks ago, a clergy friend of mine shared that she spent a few minutes each morning watching the sunrise through this Facebook page. It seemed like an interesting practice, and so I liked them and marked them as a “see first” on my Facebook feed.

Wow! I am so thankful to take a moment each day to be reminded of the constant rhythm of the waves and of the absolute guarantee that the sun WILL rise (no matter what it looks like on any given day). Having these daily reminders of the enormity of God’s creation has helped me not get too lost in my 50 ft x 50 ft space that is where I live most of my life these days.

What helps you connect to the wider world beyond what you can see and touch? What are your reminders of God’s presence and the ultimate “all will be well”?

Helen in her small yard, remembering the enormity of God through the sunrise, and a hazelnut.

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